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Uproot wrote (edited )

This is pretty much with same stories with all white people who tried to be friend with you.

I recently knew this dude via the IWW, who lives in a rented rundown room, pretty broke and shit, struggling with job. Seem like genuine lumpen like me. Then when I visited his 'real house' where he usually retreats there if shit didn't go well with his apartment. Nice mid detached house in Bloor Street West, but I checked market price it costs more than twice my family's broken home all the way up North where 10 people live in it. That's not the end of the story, he also has his own cottage outside the city, go travel almost every year to Europe and shit, something that I would never able to afford in lifetime. Oh and he went to nice and expensive college for film study. He can basically be an anti-work without any government support, and still have money for weed every day.

I shouldn't talk about 'friends' like this, but I sometime feel like he's using me for weed money. I clearly stated to them that I broke as shit and if we share the drugs, we share it for real. I don't pity him for his pretend of poverty, I just feel bad for his SO, who's an actual working class person who's struggling for real. The only real reason I hang out with them because I want to help his SO. Him, he's just another white boy.

One more edit, also most of the dipshit inside the IWW branch of Toronto, like to pretend that they are broke fuckers. The current secretary is rich yet he 'lives' in a broke apartment somewhere in mid Toronto. The treasurer also lives in a rundown apartment in Danforth, however he has his own fucking house somewhere nearby. The secretary in chief of GDC is an anti-work, stroll around looking broke, but he inherited like millions and a fucking house from his grandma, and his family is very privileged in Canada. I've never seen any leftist org so cishet white males who pretend to be broke and anarchists like this IWW branch.

Recently they tried to kick out two PoC siblings because the GMB accused them to be infiltrators. I basically quit the union without announcement as a protest for their mistreatment of the siblings. After they somewhat realized I helped the siblings to get some tiny glimpse of justice, they ostracized me like they did to the siblings. How fucked you could be to ban all 3 PoCs, and we are the only PoCs in the union. There is an East Asian girl, but she's also rich as fuck and went to a private magnet school.

Last edit, this branch of IWW also love to cover for sexual abusers. A serial harasser who was with Toronto Against Fascism, a tankie antifascist group, got kicked out for groping multiple people, now a spokesperson for the GDC. Then with GDC they kicked out an abuser who broke a wrist of a comrade, he's also known for repeatedly beating her, now a dev for the GMB.