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zod wrote

This one would taste delicious deep fried with mustard and guacomole.


an_whale wrote

Serious question: why are people giving this man money?


ziq wrote

A mix of superstition and longing for something more than this reality.


theblackcat wrote

Under capitalism, giving flimflamming priests money is the only way people know to pay tribute to a higher power. Everything in their world revolves around spending money.


alqm wrote

Capitalist work became a divine tool for religious people to serve their divinity. Giving money to a priest is the capitalist version of "climbing seven thousand steps", I think.


sudo wrote (edited )


This is not just an attack on me, it's an attack on what we stand for—for faith, for hope, for love.

SoUnDs LiKe YoU'vE gOt A pOoR mE aTtItUdE, eH jOeY bOy?!


adhdferret wrote

"Osteen initially claimed he had not opened its doors because he had not been asked to by the state"

Wow doesn't really read the words in that book to himself for reflection I bet.