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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

During the Eisenhower administration, we had a tax rate of 90%. You wanna know what happened? We had a nightmarish era of peace and prosperity during which we built most of our infrastructure and implement programs that enabled us to beat Russia to the moon in the the sixties.

Heck, during the era of Republican Jesus, I mean, Reagan, tax rate was about 60%, so she's not too far off.

I have made this statement before and will probably make it many times once more: Eisenhower was the last Republican president who didn't leave his country in worse shape than it was when he took office. I know about his rule in CIA-orchestrated coups, but again, feel that the good mostly outweighed the bad. When the governor of Arkansas refused to comply with court orders to integrate his schools, Eisenhower was the one who dispatched the 101st Airborne to protect the students and force the schools to integrate, thus :gasp: overriding Arksansas's State Right to be an asshole to black people.