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kore wrote (edited )

why the fuck did payless want to prove this point? It says in the article they did it as a prank rather than maliciously and didn't actually take hundreds of dollars for $20 shoes in the end. (imo the title is a little misleading that way)

I suppose it was a PR stunt. Kinda shitty that companies are sending messages like "buy from us, we're honest and give you shoes that look as good as designer shoes and are also inexpensive, unlike those luxury places that look down on normal buyers like you." A giant company is trying to humble themselves... fucked up.

I haven't actually researched any of Payless' labor practices so I will refrain from making any sarcastic comments about that for now.


mouse wrote

All 3-4 figure shoes probably cost $20 to manufacture. This is nothing new, its what companies like Guess have always been doing