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tamarack wrote

Wow, that fucker can't be tied to a telephone pole and set on fire fast enough.


asg101 wrote

Capitalism/Plutocracy depends on terrified workers. Fear of losing their job, losing health insurance, ending up homeless if they dare step out of line, if they demand living wages, etc. It has always worked this way, just not as obviously at times.


RedEmmaSpeaks OP wrote

What you say is true, but the fact that somebody actually typed that headline, still feels like an appalling crime. It used to be that plutocrats made a token effort to mask a desire to their greed and contempt for anyone beneath them, but now...


asg101 wrote

They know that it is doubtful anyone is going to do anything about it, so they feel they can rub our faces in it now without repercussion.


Vilemyr wrote

I never worked for Amazon but I worked in a similar kind of distribution factory, this was really prevalent. Every morning I'd wake up in sweats knowing the kind of job I had to look forward to, it was hell.


ziq wrote


I work in a chemical warehouse. It's very easy to start believing that Earth is hell.