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plast wrote

Clearly the puerto ricans see this as a cheap trick to exploit a ravaged country. Yet they keep on saying their bullshit like "lol these dumb savages dont wont our help??? fuck em". For those who dont know this a common crypto scam. Here's a guide, so you can scam innocent people! 1). Create some bullshit project, whether it be seasteading or regernerating a community. Just make sure its a "change the world type of deal"

2). Make the cryptocurrency the project is centered around is something you have a large stake in

3). Make small useless prototypes of your bullshit project to show how great its all gonna be

4). Have investors see this, and buy a shit ton of your currency so they dont miss out on the next big thing

5). Have the value of your stake in the crypto massively go up then cash out.

These people make me sick.