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ThisGuyIsAProblem wrote

Yep my extremely conservative Christian baby boomer family couldn't give a shit about the people who rent from them.
My grandma makes $370k, doesn't work, and spends her life vacationing at her 3 homes.
Uncle makes $160k, owns 40 gas stations, and a mansion with two pools, spends his life drinking and talking to vendors about sports.
Meanwhile my family grew up in a bad home and everyone in the household got very sick developing Crohns, Bipolar, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Allergies, and so my Dad ended up dying, my little brother died, and everyone who lived has been very sick.
And the other side of the family has been like, well we get his stuff since he was our brother.
And you know they have a lot of money and lawyers, and my mom doesn't, so they financially ruined us.
They hug their Bible because paper is all they've ever loved.