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zombie_berkman wrote

I live pretty utilitarian with the exception of my car and some how whenever more money comes into my account shit keeps getting more expensive. If it was as easy as "stop buying dumbshit" id be a frugal millionare by now


leftous OP wrote

All you need to do is go for the top sirloin steaks instead of the filet. You will be a millionaire in no time.


zombie_berkman wrote

Oh shit I buy store brand everything and only buy meat one sale. Im a jillionaire


quadrungle wrote

No no, frugality is for everyone, but like most other topics, it's just easier for the rich.

The basic fact of life: it's more expensive to be poor than to be rich. People just need to get that. But it still makes sense to be frugal where you can, it's just hella harder when you have less buffer to play with and less buffer of mental energy and flexible time etc. that gives people the opportunities to be more frugal.