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GrimWillow wrote

The whole diabolical structure would fall if you held all these predatory capitalists accountable for the results of their ignominy. Too bad the courts aren't in the business of true justice, and seek to remain a legitimization process for the violence of a class based prison labor camp serving the rich. I'll bet he'll end up in a prison for rich fraudsters, safe away from "blue collar" criminal class.

I'm glad the article paid some mention to Heather Bresch, a name that should not be forgotten.


tamarack wrote (edited )

While I agree with your sentiment, there really isn't any effective way to hold the bastards accountable unless we all rise up at the same time, in such numbers that the enemy country will be unable to control the flames.

If resistance / accountability-holding begins but fails to quickly achieve critical mass, the enemy country will crush it into dust, publicly, making a big show of doing so in order to frighten others into submission.

Look at Occupy, for example. Just at the moment when it looked like the movement might be gaining steam, the enemy country crushed it, and it made sure to do so in a way that said, quite clearly, "never try anything like this again, or we will destroy every last one of you."

All of this assumes that the aforementioned resistance / accountability-holding can even begin in the first place without the enemy country's spies nipping it in the bud; and given that the enemy's NSA is listening everywhere, all the time, it seems extraordinarily difficult to pull off the required groundwork without being disappeared.