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Dumai wrote (edited )

The study showed people with more money tend to be happier and less anxious

no way! thanks for telling me this, social psychology, i could have never guessed


ziq wrote

They're really changing the world with their experiments. Next up they're going to burn money in front of poor people and rich people and see if they react differently.


Cartoon_Cat wrote

I was an assistant in a study on mental health in a relatively impoverished area of London. The researchers running the study talked about the participants like scum because they were only there for the £20... The participants (almost exclusively black) had travelled there, volunteered their time for 2 hours, given blood samples and been subject to a battery of psychmetric testing and all they walked away with was £20... I withdrew my support after one day.

The researchers would barely make eye contact unless they had to. At the time I was an awkward kid and wasn't great at chatting but even I could see it was painful.

Anyway I guess I'm saying your joke isn't far from the truth - academia is a middle-class battleground and poor people are often used as fodder to further researchers' career goals.