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NEOalquimista wrote

What the rich and powerful want is to simplify the world so they can control it better. Do what the majority wants. Silence the small "complicated" people. They can't fight back, they're outnumbered, right?

Black people need special treatment? "nah, too complicated, delete this."

LGBT people are requesting their rights? "you know... can't please them all. Erase."

That poor neighborhood has no food or security? "don't worry, you can eat this corporate shit while we think of a way to solve your problem!"

and so on...

That's a lazy way to solve problems, no? Deleting the complicated people and only pleasing the larger masses is what gives them easy control with minimal resistance.


ThePhoenix wrote

But when the number of complicated people rises as a result of realizing how fucked up that kind of system is, then it inevitably spills over into revolt. And hell, even if we all die trying to fight for a better world, I see that as preferable to living in submission under tyrannical corporate fascism.