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monkeec wrote

Does this lady have a history of being a nazi or a racist? Wearing a blackamoor brooch is only racist if you think that somehow being a person with dark colored skin is negative. IDK, the pin isn't depicting this black person in a subservient role so I think it's a reach, there's plenty of paintings from the same time period showing moors/blacks in a positive light. I think stuff like this is projecting the authors/editors/societies negative view of people with dark skin and perpetuates the non-scientific, colonial concept of race and the falsity that blacks are only slaves, and if they were anywhere else other than Africa in the past it was because they were slaves.

I see she did have some incident in the past where she told a group of black people to go back to the colonies because they were being loud, which can be easily taken out of context. If you've ever been around English people, they love saying stupid jokes like this to Americans, with that knowledge, I would never take an english person saying that to me while I was being loud as a racial slur. This is a crap click-bait article that should be downvoted as to not spread such racially divisive sentiment. The author is totally a brainwashed liberal.