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sudo wrote

What are their names? I want to look up the cases.


sudo wrote

So, it's not quite as extreme as the meme portrays, because the guy on the right was a "repeat offender", so the 50 years wasn't just for stealing the ribs. However, stealing food when you're hungry should not be a crime, and the guy on the left deserves much worse for what he did.

Thanks for posting the source.


Epicalyx wrote

the way you seem to have been looking for a way to discredit this raises flags for me, between the easily interpreted disbelief in your first comment and your subtle chipping away at the authority of the claims being made

especially given how the overall point
that rich white guys who have gotten away with shit their whole lives can do disgusting shit and get a slap on the wrist, while the average black american lives effectively in a state of being presumed guilty their whole lives and that there are many who have been jailed longer or killed for doing less


sudo wrote (edited )

It's because I've seen posters like this turn out to be bullshit multiple times before. Every time, they are widely shared on social media, without anyone bothering to fact-check them. Then, someone who disagrees with the message of the poster decides to fact-check it, and finds out it's bullshit. They proceed to share this fact with the rest of the internet, making the first group of people look stupid for not bothering to fact-check their propaganda.

It's necessary for us to fact-check our propaganda, because:

  1. You don't want to spread misleading or false information, and

  2. If our enemies find out that a piece of our propaganda is bullshit, they will shout it from the rooftops, which will make fence-sitters turn away from us. It's best to fact-check before sharing something to avoid this scenario altogether, but if it does get widely shared and a fence sitter sees someone from our side pointing out that that particular piece of propaganda is misleading or outright BS, then they may not lose their respect for us.

In this case, it was mostly true. But it's always a good idea to check. I always try to do this for things that are shared here, to avoid having us all end up with egg on our faces. If some people don't understand why skepticism is necessary and think I'm asking for sources because I'm trying to discredit it, then that's a better scenario than our enemies catching a misleading piece of propaganda before we do.

Besides, it's good practice to try to discredit something, even if you believe it's true. If you try your hardest to poke holes in your own ideas, and you can't do it, then they're probably good ideas. But if you do find a hole, then you need to rethink your idea.

Edit: This is sort of an example of what I'm talking about.