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ghost wrote

It’s interesting (read: shitty) that folks (read: libs) love to shame people for using plastic straws (to hell with the disabled people who need them for nutrition, hydration, and independent living) and busted their asses to get plastic bags taxed at the consumer level (and manufacturers of those bags are totally not at all responsible in any way for their actions) which disproportionately harms poor people… and all the other things they do to shit on their fellow citizens (remember when Twitter lost its shit over pre-peeled oranges?) and yet criticizing the rich is simply unthinkable. They’re our “job creators” and “innovators,” after all. It’s totes fine to have private jets for commuting and mansions with miles of grass to mow in draught-stricken areas.

But yeah, sure. I’m personally gonna solve the climate crisis by using my one short life to stop using straws.