What can I do in regards to my pet?

Submitted by martasultan in EarthAnimalLiberation

I have a pet- a reptile from a more tropical climate. I can't afford to take care of it well, and it is clearly unhealthy (development is not as it should be, issues with the eyes, etc) but I simply can't find a way to keep their conditions as needed between the supplements of vitamins & calcium to the ambient environmental conditions of heat and humidity that I just haven't been able to find a way to maintain.

They are, obviously, not indigenous or the area or I could keep them outside. What can be done? I can't release them, nor can I properly care for them as of now.



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ziq wrote

offer it to someone that has the resources to care for it? maybe by posting an ad and then checking out the location to make sure it's equipped


Xylanthius wrote

Find out if there is an animal center nearby that specializes in those kinds of animals. If you are in America there are tons of animal sanctuaries. You can probably find one online also and it might be able to travel to someone who can or would like to fulfill the creature's needs.

What kind of animal is it? It's possible that we could help.