Topics of interest Lucid Dreams/Group Dreaming

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Great to have a new forum. Interested in

  • Experience in individual and group lucid dreaming (People plan a dream and then share afterwards their experiences to see if were in the same dream [such as being on a train])

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100emojidankmemer moderator wrote

I don't believe in group dreaming in a way that you can have a dream at the same time as someone else, be in the same dream, interact with each other, then discuss it in real life. But im sure that's not what you meant. I do believe that if you were to discuss what you wanted to dream about (such as a place) with a group for most of the day, when you went to sleep you could be in the location you were talking about. Then if you tell the group the next day that you had a dream about the place you were discussing, they would probably have had a dream about this place also.

Sorry if this is hard to understand, I did write in a bit of a rush.


neverinNJ OP wrote

Would be an interesting experiment as you described it. Thanks for sharing!