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Often I have dreams about strange shit happens in the sky. It's usually different stellar objects quickly passing through in a close proximity to the Earth. Like, someone have launched the Earth through the solar system with enormous speed. Sometimes I see galaxies collide in the night sky. Sometimes it's strange aircraft. It's always both terrifying and fascinating.

This time I saw something like Conway's game of life - huge structures oscillating, gliding and colliding in the sky with colorful explosions and cacophony of sounds. "Just like in my dreams, but not quite", I thought. "But this time it's definitely real! Do the Hell has something to do with it?", I asked my demon friend. "Nope, it's as surprising for the Infernal Realm as it is for you.", they replied. "Enigmatic", I thought.



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yaaqov wrote

Wild! Do you play around with cellular automata much?


rot wrote

that's cool