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"They would say the names Martin Luther King, Dalia Lama, and Gandhi again and again as fast as they can to keep all evil thoughts at bay."

I died.


Sagefully wrote

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It's a good documentary, despite much information being cherry picked or shown in "leftist spirit". It shows the gist of how humans handle our global society in general. And it's BAD.


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And literally a white hat, too, conveniently.

Managed to listen to more of this doc, but it's so first-level stupid. And the characters being presented are mostly a bunch of self-absorbed tools.


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"I will stab a n-gg-r that reaches across my plate."

(literal quote from a neckbeard troll that is being glorified in this doc...)

Only on Peertube! :-/


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While his music has something enjoyable, Manu Chao's yet another reappropriative liberal Leftist from France (with Spanish origins, that ain't very special when it comes to the French liberals). I also can't recall any single Democrat-friendly petty bourgeois who didn't have his songs in their playlist...


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yeah, because of that video he wanted to change the scope of their channel but had already signed away thier soul and gotten screwed by their employer and were allowed to only do comedy or something.

So now they're starting afresh.

The employer is a shitty businessman, AGNB was a golden goose. Whatever, good for andrew and the crew I guess.


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Sans Soleil
The Decline of Western Civilization (on L.A. punk)
The Blues According to Lightnin Hopkins (but really all of Les Blank's films on music)
both Kevin Jerome Everson and Harun Farocki's shorts (more experimental, but worth checking out if you can find them)
La Soufrière and The White Diamond (really anything of Herzog's. the worst are still more engaging than the vast majority of docs out there)