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Kinshavo wrote

I saw his Vice interview, and he told that the Mineapolis George Floyd Riots was one of the few stuff his tried the best to just report and let the people speak


moonlune OP wrote (edited )

yeah, because of that video he wanted to change the scope of their channel but had already signed away thier soul and gotten screwed by their employer and were allowed to only do comedy or something.

So now they're starting afresh.

The employer is a shitty businessman, AGNB was a golden goose. Whatever, good for andrew and the crew I guess.


AnarchyRVA wrote

I feel like the guy though with the best intentions probably does more harm than good. The way people talk about the All Gas No Breaks videos are as though they are definitive. I think it contributes to people trusting media and the internet over real/lived experience if that makes sense