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yam wrote

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I seriously doubt Moxie [...] intentionally wants to maintain a "smartphone-only wall of exclusion".

Idk why you look at moxie and think he is doing that intentionally.

We've moved the goal posts, because now we're not discussing what the Signal team are doing but whether it is intentional. Whether intentional or not, whether good or bad, fact is that Moxie has been outspoken against 3rd party clients connecting to their servers.

Check moxies twitter. He's complaining about having to write software three times (desktop, iOS, Android). Having registrations on the desktop client means having to maintain it, including tests for it and bugfixing.

Yes, well, I think that is an odd attitude: Insisting that you and only you do task X and then complaining that X a lot of work. External volunteers are doing the work for them, yet they're rejecting their pull requests.

Registrations on Signal Desktop was already working but was removed later. It only has to be written once as their Signal Desktop is in Electron.

Signal is a fine messaging app and I use it too, but I wonder if we're suffering from Stockholm syndrome when we look at an organisation that openly partners with Microsoft, Facebook and Google and even used to include Google backdoors in their app (hence the need for LibreSignal, regardless how often or rarely those backdoors were in use), and then still assume that they're all good intentions.