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_caspar_ wrote

"In the year 2010 a then young couple from South Africa set out to film a new feature length documentary on anarchism. They wanted to show anarchism's history and all its forms around the world. Unfortunately, that was too huge a task but they managed to interview 106 anarchists on 4 continents: Africa, South America, North America, and Europe. Some of whom have since, unfortunately, passed away and others have passed on in their beliefs. But many are still very active. In the aftermath of filming for 4 months, they realised that they didn't have the skills and even less the money to employ someone to cut the hundreds of hours of footage for them into something they could be proud of."

wow. 10 years and 106 interviews. a shame if they are never seen. or at least the ones not parroting the unfortunate majority discourse of activism, organizing, and/or direct democracy. there seem to be some outliers (Saul Newman on their recent uploads for one) that have different takes.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

4 more interviews up. Looks like they'll keep uploading them till they're all up?