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lastfutures wrote (edited )

Definitely worth watching. Exposes the bullshit of green energy. The backlash should be expected given that it pretty strongly condemns industrial civilization & progress from a climate change perspective.

That being said I'm no scientist or engineer so I can't speak to whatever critiques the pro-civ anarchists have of it, which is why the sort of arguments made in the documentary generally fall flat for me.

The biomass plants are fucking wild. Chopping down forests for green energy. Apparently you'd have to cut down all the trees in the US to power the US for 1 year ... then wait a few decades or centuries to do it again. All praised by green energy advocates. Oh and the plants are run on coal.

Edit: Adding as I watch it. They fucking ship the trees to Europe from the US to burn them. Absurd.

Nevermind, nothing to worry about, when the trees run out we can burn animals for fuel like we're already doing. Seaweed too!