Using Secure Scuttle Butt | Replacing Facebook for anarchists

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I fucking hate facebook. I'm really not the kind of person that was ever into it, but its clear that alot of anarchists have a utility for it. There are alot of benefits that can be found in a social network(organizing events and meetups, shitposting etc) so having one that respects the freedom and privacy of the user is pretty cool. This is where secure scuttlebutt comes in.

What is secure scuttlebutt?

Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is actually some complicated decentralized network. Anyone who is a techie can check out the details, but this is a guide for the non-nerds. It basically acts like facebook(you can like, post content and make little groups) but instead of being controlled by one shitty company, its spread amongst a bunch of different servers. It also has some neat features like being able to use it with people on the same wifi network as you and some offline usage. Since it is decentralized, its harder to kill than a normal social networking site that would be hosted on one server.

How do I use it?

Its really easy to start! You can access SSB through a program called patchwork, you can install here: You won't be able to see anything(unless you have the luck of having a ssb user on your local wifi network) since you arent connected to any server. Thats an easy fix though! Just press the "join pub" button and paste in an invite code from any of the pub servers. There's a list here: Here's an invite code you could use right now to get started!

After that, you're in! You can do anything you want. I made a tag for the post-civ peeps on here called #desertgang that ill be putting some stuff in. Happy scuttling!

If you have any questions just post in the comments or dm me if you're shy.



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fauvenoir wrote (edited )

A+ to whoever created this!

The thing works, yet on some (restrictive) networks there is indeed an invite rejection issue. I suggest people experiencing this to try connecting through other ISPs. Tried it on Android with a data connection and this appears to work pretty good. Tho I dunno if it's the app, but the purpose of this network ain't very obvious. Yet its possibilities... "da bomb" material!


plast OP wrote

Thanks I appreciate that!

Also yeah there can be trial and error with the invite codes. Try going through all the pub servers that are listed, once you get in through one, the software will connect you to others and you should be fine.


plast OP wrote

To say that its like facebook isn't entirely true. Its ideal method of usage is actually really fascinating and it encourages you to catch up with folx irl by meeting in being on the same wifi network. This is all covered well on the video on the site's page:



Invite rejected... :(


plast OP wrote

Try another one in the list of pub servers from the post, if that doesn't we can you can pm if the issue is more specific.


plast OP wrote

Here's a list of invite codes that should work: Try to cycle through all of them if you keep having issues.


Yomills For this one you have to go through the site and click for an invite

SSB PeerNet US-West

Ace's Pub

You'll have to visit out

You'll have to visit

If you guys need anymore help just lmk!