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So I was cutting an apple to eat. I was using my large fixed blad knife bc I wanted to see if I need to sharpen it (I don't its incredibly fuck off sharp, not quite shave sharp but close.) Well I wasn't paying any fucking attention and I cut at an angle. And with little effort it sliced through the apple and my fucking finger. Thankfully it stopped at my bone and I didn't hit a joint. Now I know medications and stuff and have skimmed through some medical stuff. I have prepped nothing at all tho my parents have a minimal amount.

And I didn't have any adrenaline going so I yell and pull up my finger and blood is gushing out. Its a small cut that went as deep as it could without cutting through my finger. So I freak and havn't really thought about it. So I first stick it in my finger bc small cuts don't really matter. I go wait, I need to do compression to stop the bleeding. So I start compression but, I forgot about evelation and was checking too frequently so it wasn't working. So here I am trying to stop my bleeding but also trying to remember the info that I havn't studied enough with one hand. So I can't type great and I"m doing a shit job at compression at the same time.

It was fine from what I can tell. Shouldn't need stitches and don't need to go to the doctor. But god it could have been really shit bc I wasn't prepared. Just like 30 mins of review and roleplay what to do for common shit like this would have been a lot nicer. Humans a super fragile so its really easy to get in a situation where seconds matter and you don't have the minutes to one handedly type on your phone.

It looks like it took me almost slicing my finger off to realize I have been totally neglecting my first aid preparedness. I didn't really need stuff, it was just my knowledge that wasn't there.



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moonlune wrote

Yes! It needs to be done again and again until it's a reflex because our brains fry when stressed. First aid formations (to get certified for eg. work) need to renewed every 2 years in my country for it to be up to date with medical science, but also for it to always stay fresh.