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coinin9hands wrote

Food not Bombs is the most common group/tactic like this in the states. There's probably a chapter near you that would love another volunteer. They also have a short manual on their webpage for starting a new chapter.

In general though, most projects like this are going to be extremely small scale and localized, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but does mean that travelling there to volunteer just for a week probably isn't going to be feasible. The silver lining there though is it's really shockingly easy to do things like this. In my city (in the deep south with basically no anarchist scene or similar) some great activists got a free store started just by going on facebook, asking for donations, and then handing them out in a park where a lot of homeless people hang out. They got a ton of publicity and people gave them food, clothes, toys, hygiene supplies, etc. After a few pop-up shops they started collecting monetary donations to put down a deposit on a retail space and opened a an actual physical "store" which was essentially a thrift shop where everything was free. All it took was two people who put up the facebook page and sorted the donations, then they put out an open call for volunteers and tons of people showed up to help pass things out. Of course, this was helped a lot by the connections they had among local activists, and before you dive into any big project it's good to have the lay of the land wrt to what's already happening in your area.


confundus OP wrote

This link suggests combining the hidden wire technique with something like covering the tracks with concrete. If one were to do this, probably should try mixing up small amounts of the brand they want to use and see how long it takes to set. getting some quick setting concrete that others have used to create human chains (locking arms together inside pipes) might work better. this would be assuming the railroad company responds very rapidly.

don't plan for probable always aim for assured in actions. stay safe.


confundus OP wrote

the problem with solid fuels is the ingredients to make them often put you on a watch list since they're generally associated with "bombs" (chemical explosion vs physical, the latter being a molotov, though it's not a hard line between the two, hopefully you understand what I'm getting at). but yes, solid fuels can make for interesting reactions.


confundus OP wrote

also, I'm not sure how well this would work with mixing but should definitely look into it! experimenting is fun. you won't be able to make low grade napalm with it in the same way but again, have to experiment with it and see what comes out. seriously, I'm glad you brought this up, I hadn't even been thinking about alcohols but this has some nice potential.


confundus OP wrote

it burns "cold" but very quickly and so other than a nice initial flash it won't contribute much to the damage, but I think if you have a coordinated mix of different cocktails you could probably maximize the psychological effect of them as well as the physical damage they would do. should spend some time thinking about this. very interesting. thank you!


confundus OP wrote

some things I don't see very often when talking about molotovs:

  • you can replace motor oil with latex paint or cooking oil for the petrol/oil mix with about the same effect

  • if you make the mix up in advance or only have access to petrol, add styrofoam and/or liquid soap to it. the closer you can let it sit to 12-24 hours the better, but again one works with the time given. this makes it in to a low-grade napalm which burns better than just petrol/oil mix or just petrol

this is all purely hypothetical of course because no one should ever use this to destroy property, attack the state, or against terrorist groups like the police


confundus wrote

just contact the group beddown and tell them you're interested in doing something similar and would they mind answering some questions for you, if you want to go through the legalistic route (pros and cons). one big issue in the US would probably be insurance liability that would make the legal way a headache. popup squatting could avoid this but it would also require you to be more involved directly in the homeless community (not a bad thing) rather then letting one stand at a distance like a "charity" with a fixed location can allow.

honestly, though, I'd say go and talk to homeless people in your area (if you haven't already), see what they say they need, maybe they're more concerned with food or something else than a place to sleep? and go from there

either way, have to let us all know how things progress


heckthepolice2 wrote

According to Washington State Legislature section RCW 9A.48.030, arson in the second degree is a class B felony and could face up to 10 years in jail, a fine of $20,000 or both.

“We strongly condemn this act of violence and intimidation. We challenge anyone who disagrees with us to come to hear the presentation on Thursday instead of resorting to cowardly acts of violence,” Hamrick said.

TIL risking 10 years in prison is cowardly