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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Wish them all the best of luck, though they damn well better be prepared for retaliation from the State. I get a big annoyed when various Leftwing protesters are shocked, shocked by the the State coming out with tear gas and cops in military gear. It should be abundantly clear by now that it's going to happen no matter what. The State will not be all "Your actions have shown me the error of my ways. I will thus leave you in peace and stop with well-funded opposition."

Though this phenomenon seems to happen more with Leftwing Protests than with Right. Occupy a federal wildlife reserve and talk endlessly about how you will murder anyone who tries to stop you? The State is like, "It would be better if you'd stop, but no pressure." Whereas protest Leftist causes such as poverty, environmental destruction, and racism, and the State is like, "Say hello to tear gas and nightsticks, mothereffer!" Cf. Standing Rock protests, Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson protests

The reasoning is simple. However irritating Rightwing protests are, the damage is mostly contained within lower levels of the hierarchical pyramid that the State runs on, posing little, if any, threat to traditional systems of power and control at the top. Whereas Leftwing protests are explicitly calling out these systems of power and control, and thus pose a very real threat to those on top.