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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

The whole post raises red flags for me. It reeks of someone trolling or being a very bad informant. Is plant the term for this kind of thing, an infiltrator who tries to set someone up by confessing to or committing a crime, so the authorities can come down on them? Because that's what this sounds like.

In any case, while there may be times where arson is needed, fires are hard to control and may likely destroy whatever you're trying to save.

In any cause, whenever taking any kind of direct action against the State, be aware that they have an infinite number of resources to throw at you and it will take more than a mere arson to take out such a deeply-rooted system.

When there is that lopsided a difference in terms of power between the two sides, obviously the weaker, less funded side cannot lash out willy-nilly. Every strike most be carefully planned. Strategy is an absolute must, because they are working with much less of a margin of error than the State is. While it's impossible to predict everything, a good strategy carefully maps out any direct actions, what they are going to do and why, plans for Murphy's Law (because nothing will ever go off without any complications), and braces for any retaliation to follow, because it WILL follow.