How to stop army recruiting in this town?

Submitted by Glenarchist in Direct_Action

I really wanna stop the army recruiting in this town but I get the impression it is a strong RAF place. Any suggestions comrades ? Saw them at a x-mas fare this morning. "Merry xmas everyone now go kill, kill, kill for your corporate masters!"#FuckTheArmy


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'm guessing you mean Royal Air Force? There are a few RAFs.

How about for a start printing out some nice anti-recruitment posters and setting them up around town. Stuff like this - there's probably better out there. Depending on how you feel, maybe even put a contact detail on it and try to organise with others in your area in a way that is sensitive to your context (which I can hardly be, since I know nothing of your context).


Glenarchist wrote

Great idea , thanks. Yeah, meant the air force :-) Will find some stuff more applicable to the U.K or Scotland but going ahead with it once I find em.