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Share here ideas that could require few resources (time, people) and low risks for an action that could change the world. Maybe some people could group for action after this discussion!



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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

Start a mutual aid program where you think of mutual aid program ideas to give to the raddle user realLeviathan


moonlune wrote

  • organize a meal and meet your neighbors
  • volunteer at your local food not bomb
  • tag something somewhere
  • key a car

[deleted] wrote


lettuceLeafer wrote

There are so many anarchists who do actions of assault or sabotage that don't make sense as being practically useful. It seems to be more just lashing out with a justification afterward.

It took me a while to get it but a lot of anarchists just do stuff bc they are upset rather than actually think it will help or whatever. Not saying that's why moonlune said it but this thought process is pretty common.

If an action doesn't make much practical sense but attacks something anarchist don't like I usually just assume it's a method of expressing emotion rather than a practical plan.

Hopefully this answers your question.


boom wrote

Steal wads of money and hand it to homeless people on the street.


rot wrote

putting up graffiti or distributing leaflets is one. raise $ for anarchist prisoners or really anyone who needs it. invite marginalized people to a cookout (especially now with the holidays a lot of people are left out of all the festive shit they see advertised)


realLeviathan OP wrote

Great ideas everyone: here's mine: convince a lot of people to send their resume and letter of motivation, and spam in in every company that hire: they will not be able to corrctecly hire people but there could not be any laws against that. We could make up imaginary CVs


Fool wrote

Kill all humans!