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kinshavo wrote

Attacked neo-Nazi hangout
By chronik on January 11, 2021

Eisenach , January 11, 2021

On the morning of January 11th, 2021 we, as women, attacked the so-called "Bulls Eye", a Fascho bar in Eisenach. We embellished the gray facade and placed an explosive device in one of his ugly eyes. Among other things, this caused the destruction of inventory behind the bar. Even if this location has been the target of attacks in the past, it is an object for us that deserves to be attacked again and again, just like any other retreat from Nazis . They should never weigh themselves in peace but always fear for the places in which they move and where their ideals live and spread. Especially in the last few months we have seen through Corona how important it is and remains to continuously fight fascist ideas and not to leave them to their own devices. Often in the media, with the cops, but also internally, a picture is drawn of a largely male left-wing radical scene in which FLINTA * people either have no place at all or have to work much harder for it. In actions like these, they often have an extraordinary, almost chosen place, and we want to counter that. We FLINTA * people are not only occasionally or not at all present in campaigns. We are here and we are combative, side by side with our companions. We will again and again unite independently and empower each other in order to meet our enemies where it hurts them and where, like here, they probably also “just want to have a relaxing evening”. But not with us, we don't treat them to these evenings! Unite and fight fascism and patriarchy!

Fight Nazis Everyday!

Source : Indymedia (Tor)