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ruin wrote

I’d suggest considering what it will take to achieve “revolution” and what that word means to you.

The Communist Party USA has roughly 5k members. Democratic socialists number roughly 75k. So if we’re very generous and assume 100k active socialist/communist in the us you’re looking at .03% of the us population.

If a handful of illegal actions would spur revolution I assume we’d be living in utopia by now. Or a dictatorship of the proletariat. Your pick.

I’d strongly advise reframing your desired actions. Don’t just repeat more of the same protest, but consider a way to make your action an expression of you and your position. Our actions are all of importance and don’t need a greater political framing or recognition to be relevant and liberating.

This isn’t to say your action shouldn’t be illegal or destructive, I’m good with that, just be sure to weigh the consequences and don’t do something that will negatively impact your future actions out of a romantic sense of revolution or any such nonsense. Do it for yourself.