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Just kind of wanted to vent, before I say anything I'm not asking for you opinions on my stances just thoughts on the predicament I'm in. So I would consider myself a communist who wants to push for revolution but where I live communists are and few between. I believe a communist revolution in the united states is long over due. Knowing that I am just one person I realize I cannot single handily over throw the tyranny we currently live in and when I tell the few comrades that I'm aware of this reality and want their help to cause some catalyst events to spur the process along but they fear prosecution. Same thing with my eco associates neither group want to do anything that will get them in trouble with the law. At this point I'm considering taking matters into my own hands but not sure. In the end I am seeing people and the enviroment get hurt I want to take action but I feel alone, like no support, so yeah.



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thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

I would consider myself a communist who wants to push for revolution

That's your problem. Become a lifestyle anarchist and never be disappointed by other people ever again ;)


ruin wrote

I’d suggest considering what it will take to achieve “revolution” and what that word means to you.

The Communist Party USA has roughly 5k members. Democratic socialists number roughly 75k. So if we’re very generous and assume 100k active socialist/communist in the us you’re looking at .03% of the us population.

If a handful of illegal actions would spur revolution I assume we’d be living in utopia by now. Or a dictatorship of the proletariat. Your pick.

I’d strongly advise reframing your desired actions. Don’t just repeat more of the same protest, but consider a way to make your action an expression of you and your position. Our actions are all of importance and don’t need a greater political framing or recognition to be relevant and liberating.

This isn’t to say your action shouldn’t be illegal or destructive, I’m good with that, just be sure to weigh the consequences and don’t do something that will negatively impact your future actions out of a romantic sense of revolution or any such nonsense. Do it for yourself.


Bezotcovschina wrote

I don't recommend pushing your friends to do illegal actions if they don't want to.

Aiming for "The Revolution" is harmful, in first place, for you personally, your enthusiasm. Activist burnout is nothing new and a want that your actions will inevitably overthrow tyranny only adds to your burnout rate. I will devour you and your desires eventually.

To avoid it, I would recommend discarding "The Revolution" mindset. If you want to do something, you can start with joining (or even starting) some communal initiatives like homeless shelters, communal kitchens and gardening. Enjoy your life! Meet like-minded people! Have fun! Unfortunately, you should accept the fact that you can't make systematic revolutionary changes. Maybe you will make it, but never expect it, it's unhealthy.

If you want to spice things a bit up in your life, consider eco-oriented actions as the most perspective angle of attack. Block sites of destruction of nature, spike trees, sabotage tools of destruction. There is a handful of useful guides on this, how to do it safely (relatively) and effectively, ask around here. Maybe your actions will inspire your eco associates, maybe not, but remember that you do it, in first place, for your personal fun.

All the above is only my personal opinion! What you do with your life is your and only your responsibility and choice! What your friends do is their.


cycles wrote

Laziness doesn't exist.

Capitalist Realism is a well-received book, and it's short. (download page link here)

Chapter 4 is titled Reflexive Impotence, Immobilization and Liberal Communism. might help you to read the whole book


RenyAlin OP wrote

Thank you for the resource actually really helps tbh