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Seems fruitless since they're too comfortable to ever be of any real use. They benefit a lot more from continued colonization than they'd ever benefit from giving up their privileges to be on equal footing with the people they colonized.

If they decide they want to be 'radical', they develop oppressive meme ideologies designed to mask their neo-colonial ambitions and slap an "anarcho-" on the front of it... Just seems like it's doing more harm than good entertaining their bullshit.



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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

If you're white, doing the work of making white people less horrible is your work.

Broad-based basic racial literacy teaching would be included in this, and it's probably going to be the most effective thing you can do. Even though it will be largely unsuccessful, I suspect.

Post-genocide settler states like the US or Canada are going to have different solutions to settler states like SA where the indigenous population is still by far the larger one. Whites in SA for example are potentially irrelevant/unnecessary in liberatory contexts.

Beyond that, having an access point for people who already want to be radicalised to have that opportunity seems good. There will hopefully be occasional people who are good-faith enough to contribute meaningfully.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

It's definitely worth it. White people from colonizer cultures generally (but not always) have more toxicity built into their world-view, so the radicalization process is longer and more difficult, but it's not a waste of time or impossible. We all have to kill the cop in our heads, some of us have to also kill the colonizer, kill the abusive parent, kill the misogynist, or kill the bigot too. Most of the white radicals I know of are trying to do that, to form things that don't reproduce the oppression of our surrounding world, some more effectively than others, but most are legitimately trying.

That being said, I don't know how much faith I hold out in radicalizing the majority of white people in colonizer cultures, and I am unconvinced that if given the choice between fascism and autonomy and equality they would make the right choice.


rot wrote

I think radicalizing colonizers is worth while.if we dont then how do we change those societies?

and I think theres alot to be gained from giving up white privilege and capitalistic growth mindset that pushes white people to act as a part of the system and subjugate themselves to their nation/class/race

this is coming from a white person in a colonizer country