People Murdered by the United States of America: The Numbers

Submitted by BigG in DeathToAmurica (edited )

Native Americans - 10 million+, including by deliberately releasing plagues.

Deaths Directly Caused by The American Slave Trade (Mainly Africans) - More than 5 million.

Iraq war - 1,033,000

Philippines - Up to 3 million.

Vietnam - Up to 2 million.

Indonesia: Between 500,000 - 1 million leftists killed, by US overthrowing democratic government and installing dictator, then giving him lists of leftists to kill.

Afghanistan war - 451,000 (including direct killings and indirect deaths caused by the war)

Gulf War - 50,000

Central America - 300,000 in the 1980s including the 200,000 genocide of Mayan Indians.

Cambodia - 600,000

Laos - 62,000

Haiti - 100,000 by installing "Papa Doc" Duvalier as dictator

Bolivia - CIA-backed military coup overthrows leftist President Juan Torres, installs dictator Hugo Banzer who tortures, rapes and executes 2000 leftists.

Cuba - 2100 - 2600

Cuba "Negro Rebellion" - 3000 - 6000

Angola - 300,000

Chile - CIA installs General Augusto Pinochet, who tortures and kills 40,018 leftists.

El Salvador - 63,000

Honduras - 184

Hiroshima & Nagasaki atomic bombings - Up to 226,000

Tokyo bombings - Up to 200,000

Deaths of African slaves while in captivity: ???? Million

Deaths of African Americans after slavery was abolished (lynchings, police brutality, prison deaths, etc): ???? Million



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retiredaccount wrote (edited )

According to the US' own statistics, it seems your numbers are a bit low...

Also might want to add the many, many deaths of slaves in the US.'

Cuban figures also seem low, given just the Levantamiento Armado de los Independientes de Color (known by Americans, to this day, as the 'Negro Rebellion in the best possible demonstration of their ongoing racism) killed thousands, with the massive slaughters by the propped-up banana republic continuing for decades.

I'd get into the intervention in the Yugoslav wars, but fuck if those are complicated.


arduinna wrote

More USA backed dictators for you! CIA assisted in bringing Hissene Habre with arms and training. Habre, dictator of Chad, then went on to kill 40k and torture 200k people.


retiredaccount wrote

I was looking into the slavery statistics and literally all I found was forum posts of 'but the Irish' and 'slavery was worse on the islands' apologia. God damn.


ziq wrote (edited )

yea white american men have rly destroyed the internet


ziq wrote

Anyone have numbers for US killings in Syria and Libya?


ziq wrote (edited )

maybe Puerto Rico should be on the list too for Hurricane Maria and the US's total neglect.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

Might as well add Hurricane Katrina too. That was a failure to care as well.


KacperTheAnarchist wrote

How about 911? CIA turned a blind eye as part of their plan to give Bush a reason to invade Iraq.


ergdj5 wrote

Eh, I feel like going into stretches like that makes the list worth a bit less.


black_fox wrote

you have any citation on the Honduran number? jw cause it seems so specific