Submitted by lettuceLeafer in Dao

I think the sting u bc they sense u being worried. Idk one day a wasp started flying near me and instead of being anxious about being stung I thought "stung or not stung it matters not to me" an it never stun me.

Idk I've been near a ton of wasps flying even as close to like half a foot away from me and never got stung. Maybe the fear of being stung is actually what's makes u get stung. Hell this wasp got in somehow and had been trying to figure out how to leave since I can't open the windows. He's just been chilling in my room for like 6 hours now and had never even tried to sting me.



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Majrelende wrote

The same is true with biting flies, like mosquitoes.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

interestingly enough I havn't been bit by a mosquito in 10 years. Tho I think that has something to do with me being around other people whose blood they like better.


ziq wrote

yea i used to get stung and have severe reactions to it when i was scared of them but no longer even though there are tons of hornets and yellowjackets coming inside looking for water this time of year. they chill if u chill