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existential1 wrote (edited )

I don't have a legal copy to link, but i strongly prefer eva wong's version. I think UKLG's effort is decent but she legit was basically an interpretation of a translation as opposed to folks who are capable of reading the original print directly. So, her version should be used as a nice poetic version for english speakers but it shouldn't be used to figure out or cross compare between other versions of native readers/speakers who can understand the nuances of the phrases used in chinese.

Eva on the other hand, does do direct translation as someone who speaks and reads both languages at a high level....and most a practicioner of the daoist arts herself.


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existential1 wrote

Yeah, i own that one. Its good. It doesnt have the full texts of most of the books or scrolls mentioned but instead presents key passages of many texts to express why they are prominent in Daoist history and what makes them special. I've legit read all her shit...except a couple books that were outmodded by newer ones.