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ziq wrote

The myth of a "withering away" of ingrained power-hierarchies is the biggest practical joke ever perpetrated on the revolutionaries that hand over the reigns to slimy bureaucrats after sacrificing their lives to remove the previous set of slimy bureaucrats.

We call it 'Stalinism' but that's misleading because it was Lenin that invented the game, and Stalin just excelled at playing it.


retiredaccount wrote

Perhaps the biggest issue with branding it 'Stalinism' is how often it leads people to 'Trotskyism', founded by the man who himself slaughtered villagers who organized into communes against Bolshevik orders.


ziq wrote (edited )

All ML 'revolutions' (power shifts) are absolutely capitalist, so after 100 years of this tedious game, it's safe to say all MLs are capitalists.


ziq wrote (edited )

and now I noticed who the mod of this forum is and patiently await my punishment.