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froop wrote (edited )

Any currency with mining and block rewards is not good in this respect. So that rules out Bitcoin and anything with a similar design.

Nano has no mining or stake rewards. the whole network can run off the power of a single wind turbine. As well as being green, it's also very scalable, and offers full confirmation in about half a second! And there are no fees. The website isn't super good currently.

If anyone finds something they think is better (and has actually read up on Nano), I want to hear about it.

Edit: don't just read up on it. Try using it. Natrium is the best mobile wallet, and here's a list of faucets where you can get a small amount for free to play with.


thelegendarybirdmonster OP wrote (edited )

I've got a little nanos in my wallet but I don't really know what to do with it.

what's the best website to buy some more with regular currencies?


froop wrote

What I do with it:

Buying it at a good rate is not straightforward and the best route will depend on where you are. If you live in europe and have access to SEPA transfers then I recommend Bitvavo - it has some annoying little bugs that they still haven't fixed, but the staff are very helpful if you have a problem, and it does actually work. I get all my Nano there now.

I live in the UK so for SEPA payments I use Revolut as it offers cheap currency conversion (GBP to EUR) and no fees.

If you live in the US, or elsewhere, I don't know. It depends whether your priority is getting a good rate, or doing it with the fewest 'hops'. If you want simple simple (but a terrible rate) then Wirex is probably your best bet.

Otherwise, I don't know.


surreal wrote

all currencies are bad environmentally and ethically


Moinet wrote (edited )

Hello. As I know first blockchain based cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, and it still the most popular and most valuable. But there are also several other rising cryptocurrency coins, prices you can check in internet, for example on Switchere.


thelegendarybirdmonster OP wrote

Hi, I knew about Bitcoin, but the use of blockchain has problems with scalability, and mining isn't good for the environment.

I've come to think that nano is the best new crypto currency.


Kaito wrote (edited )

Bitcoin cash.

Edit: I forgot G1 the first libre money, but unfortunately, It is in a kind of beta mode, so It won't support large scale use for now (security problems to fix, for instance). But the concept WORKS.