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TheLegendaryBirdMonster OP wrote (edited )

I've got a little nanos in my wallet but I don't really know what to do with it.

what's the best website to buy some more with regular currencies?


froop wrote

What I do with it:

Buying it at a good rate is not straightforward and the best route will depend on where you are. If you live in europe and have access to SEPA transfers then I recommend Bitvavo - it has some annoying little bugs that they still haven't fixed, but the staff are very helpful if you have a problem, and it does actually work. I get all my Nano there now.

I live in the UK so for SEPA payments I use Revolut as it offers cheap currency conversion (GBP to EUR) and no fees.

If you live in the US, or elsewhere, I don't know. It depends whether your priority is getting a good rate, or doing it with the fewest 'hops'. If you want simple simple (but a terrible rate) then Wirex is probably your best bet.

Otherwise, I don't know.