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cronal wrote (edited )

I think "ass" may be also homophobic and rapey, because (???), so let's make it a default equation.

If you think about it... it's ALWAYS cishet that keep using this term as they "wanna grab some ass", obviously in reference to women's ass because only cishet grab asses, or desire to. And of course because cishet are all obviously rapist oppressors that makes it a rapey term.


Splinglebot wrote

not quite sure what you're asking. Are you asking what critique this means or how to go about critiquing it?

or is it supposed to be like "how can I possibly critique this because it's too good"? I really can't tell


celebratedrecluse wrote

all organizations, regardless of professed political goals, have an inherent self interest in perpetuating the context in which that organization can survive.

authoritarian communist orgs, and even anarchist orgs, are liable to slip into bourgeois sentimentality and cognition because of the material condition of their own futurity. If there is not a context in which a relationship can survive into the future, the relationship will incentivize participants to delay that future by reifying the present relationships of power, regardless of their symbolic politics.

this is the strongest argument that I can articulate for the importance of individualist and illegalist praxis and positionality, however don't think that's a silver bullet either.

The challenge for anarchists moving forward into the new decade will be how to instantiate rhizomatic conceptions of futurity that do not rely on the reification of 20th century modernism, and all the toxic elements of ourselves which are bound up with it.


black_fox wrote

Prefiguration is just the instantiation of anarchist values and logics in the here and now, fully attuned to the details of our very specific contexts.

It's always confused me how it's gotten a bad rep.



Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Similarly, prefiguration is not the process of acting like we would act "after the revolution" - that would mean acting as if classes, race, binary gender and all other forms of hierarchy did not exist. Which makes no sense, though it is useful sometimes as a heuristic for people.

Prefiguration is just the instantiation of anarchist values and logics in the here and now, fully attuned to the details of our very specific contexts.


debored wrote

Yes, BDS is a single issue campaign to stop apartheid/genocide, it is not a revolutionary project. It's just an easy thing for people a world away to do to pressure a nation-state. The only time I've ever seen the strategy seriously pushed is for ongoing atrocities much worse than liberal capitalism.


steelypan wrote

Economic sanctions actually disproportionately impact the poor people of the targeted country. These poor people feel like their livelihood is being threatened by foreign influences (and in this case, rightly so). This leads to them becoming more right-wing and xenophobic, and often also to wishing for a strong leader who will stamp out the foreign influence.

The end result is not more liberalism, but instead more fascism, as we saw with both Germany and Russia about a century ago.

That's my critique.


Dumai wrote

yeah i mean i think you're basically saying something similar to what i was saying with different framing, namely that boycotts and sanctions are a goal-oriented tactic. they can't ever abolish capitalism under their own steam but that's not what they're for anyhow

i don't think they promote capitalist outcomes except to the degree that... living and consuming in a capitalist society in the first place does that


dice wrote (edited )

i've always thought it was heteronormative and rapey as well, but i never looked into its etymology. just heard it used a lot as someone who has spent too much time in video game oriented social settings.

the context and purpose was almost always shaming someone for being not being masculine enough, performing a similar function to more obvious queerphobic slurs. seems reasonable that the (edit: cishet) users of the term have, over time, loaded it more or less with these queerphobic elements we both perceived.

but maybe it's just us? lol. idk, maybe i was reading too much into it. still never gonna use it.

edit: not to mention "rape" being used just as commonly in those video game circles to mean "defeat," often in the same sentence as butthurt


Pop OP wrote

Thanks for the response!

I'm assuming it's only an enby problem, since binary trans people could change to a preexisting option. But I don't know! Hence this post.

I'm interested to hear more about why they would already have the list if you are going to be transitioning - wouldn't this depend on how you do it?