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dice wrote (edited )

i've always thought it was heteronormative and rapey as well, but i never looked into its etymology. just heard it used a lot as someone who has spent too much time in video game oriented social settings.

the context and purpose was almost always shaming someone for being not being masculine enough, performing a similar function to more obvious queerphobic slurs. seems reasonable that the (edit: cishet) users of the term have, over time, loaded it more or less with these queerphobic elements we both perceived.

but maybe it's just us? lol. idk, maybe i was reading too much into it. still never gonna use it.

edit: not to mention "rape" being used just as commonly in those video game circles to mean "defeat," often in the same sentence as butthurt


n_n wrote

I tough that is because a response to the term "kick ass" in a fight. Like "you are butthurt because I kick your ass when we fought." The term kickass is also related I think.


cronal wrote (edited )

I think "ass" may be also homophobic and rapey, because (???), so let's make it a default equation.

If you think about it... it's ALWAYS cishet that keep using this term as they "wanna grab some ass", obviously in reference to women's ass because only cishet grab asses, or desire to. And of course because cishet are all obviously rapist oppressors that makes it a rapey term.


cronal wrote

Wait... Does "hemorrhoids" ring any bell to you!?

From my experience this is where "butthurt" came from, not sodomy. Probably also constipation.