Government documentation that includes third genders is a bad idea

Submitted by Pop in CritiqueThis

Giving authorities a list of queers is dangerous. Even if the present government is nice enough to include you in some way, ten years down the line you can find yourself with a fascist in power and your name on a list.

I recognise that increased visibility and an increased language for people to engage any identity is likely to make a community more broadly accepted.
But broad acceptance seems like it will never be broad enough for queers in a top-down society.

Already I avoid giving my information to the authorities in any case. They have some, they can keep my gender assigned at birth.

For enbies that are on HRT or have had other dramatic body changes, I can imagine that it might help in some situations to have a different letter in the gender box of your ID. Like travelling? But I’m not sure how this works when, say, your state allows you to have a third gender option but your passport still gives no fucks about it. It might be then that having an ID different to your passport actually brings trouble. I don’t know.

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conseil wrote

If you're going to be transitioning, they already have that list anyway. This only applies to enbies that don't transition medically in any way - which is a large group, but I don't think its enough to invalidate the idea of a third marker.


Pop OP wrote

Thanks for the response!

I'm assuming it's only an enby problem, since binary trans people could change to a preexisting option. But I don't know! Hence this post.

I'm interested to hear more about why they would already have the list if you are going to be transitioning - wouldn't this depend on how you do it?


conseil wrote

It would depend on how you do it, but if you have hormones or surgery in the country I assume they have that on file somewhere.