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selver wrote (edited )

Yes I'd agree with that. It's a pretty common sentiment in post-situationist anarchism. Don't really have much to add.


Pop OP wrote

Well then I'm wondering what it is about this formulation that makes it not the first thing many people say when they are introducing the ideas.


selver wrote (edited )

I think that people more influenced by the older more traditionally leftist anarchism put much less emphasis on those ideas, if any. If you're referring to people on the internet, it might be because they skipped modern anarchist theory and went right back to the bread book. Since at least '68 mediation, alienation, etc. have been major focuses for anarchism. People completely divorced from irl anarchism can come up with unusual ideas about what anarchism is.

Like, anarchists who came up a little before the current internet gen would likely have read crimethinc very early on, who definitely stress the kinds of ideas you're talking about.