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stckyfngr wrote

It needs to be taken into account that at some point, it won't be a question of IF sabotage should take place, but it will a question of HOW sabotage should take place. How to get rid of the buildings, machinery, AND people responsible for the current and coming damage.

There is no guarantee that anything done to mitigate climate disaster, including direct action, will be successful. This type of action would probably be considered a last resort, something people may think about when everything around them is already on fire.

Whos to say that if enough people (the right people) find themselves in this situation together, they couldnt think of sabotage methods that also mitigate side effects? Even further, would anyone even care about possible side effects of sabotage if climate destruction was impending and inevitable, literally happening in front of their eyes?

I dont see how anarchists are trying to force anyone to do anything. It's simple, when people are backed into a corner, some choose to fight.

You can go green and toss all the seed bombs you want, its not going to stop capitalism, especially when the whole world around you is in fire.

I look forward to any response you may have.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Yeah I get why people emotionally do sabotage and I'm not going to chastise them for doing it. I mean I almost certainly would be arround people who like sabotage than people who like the dangerous industries existing.

Tbh I view climate catastrophy kinda like war. A thing that's gonna happen bc zi don't really have much of avenue about it so I focus more on adapting and living anarchistically the best way I can despite the massive issue.

I think I personally do nothing that will stop a climate catastrophy. Tho if I was given the option in like 50 years when the planet is getting more dangerous due to greenhouse gasses I would bet my life would be more manageable if I got her opportunity to hang around some people who spend their time trying to adapt their local environment to have a more temperature stable microclimate and ecosystem which can handle the changes of climate change better than hanging around people who spent their time getting good at sabotage and destroyed a ton of factories.

I don't think one group is better or worse than the other. Tho I think spending one's time learning how to adapt to a life in the future with climate change would be far more beneficial than trying to reduce others emissions.