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celebratedrecluse wrote

hm. i'll do my best, although I am biased in favor of your idea.

limited Resources of anarchists are better expend on helping adapt to the new situation, rather than dreams of a return to ' the way things were'. For example, it is better to attack businesses attempting to return to normal and endangering the general population, to defend workers from exposure to the virus, to demand safe housing for the unhoused this coming cold season, to push anti-work possibilities, to lean into the situation of crisis, rather than be seen/engage in symbolic politics as the opposition to vaccine companies on behalf of normalcy.

attacking vaccines and healthcare infrastructure will actually be wildly unpopular within the developed world, it will be easy to demonize any group that attacks such as being right-wing American-aligned trump-supporting etc, which will further confuse things. The nuance you offer, that I understand, about IP, will be lost on most.

The pandemic is going to affect things for years to come, if not indefinitely. there is no way that anarchist actions can really change this, nor are there material conditions which will likely prevent it. We should get used to the situation escalating further, rather than resolving to normalcy, because this is actually to our benefit in certain ways, and we may as well take advantage of it since we are getting the negative consequences regardless.


Alt OP wrote


For me it is more jouissance, together with the value of getting our ideas circulating, than about returning to normal, or even some of the benefits I've states do far (i.e. an additional form of pressure against IP laws).

I don't think that being wildly unpopular with developed countries is a big concern. I assume that anything critiquing that divide would be. And that those critiques still need to be made.


celebratedrecluse wrote

If you want to do it, go for it, but I think the risk and reward subtraction ends up negative to those that participate.