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masque wrote

Patents are bad, but I was under the impression that major bottleneck in vaccine production currently has more to do with the physical ability to produce the vaccines, rather than the legal ability (particularly due to the novelty of the mRNA style of vaccine).


Alt OP wrote

Do you or anyone here have any info on this? I have been hearing otherwise.


masque wrote (edited )

I'm not some sort of expert on this, but I know that there's been a lot of discussion about how Canada doesn't have the infrastructure for manufacturing vaccines at scale. Here's a quote from a randomly selected article:

Gerdts' team was among the first out of the gate with promising COVID-19 research, but did not have the manufacturing capability to create vaccine components needed to keep its momentum going. It was a temporary setback that shed light on essential gaps in Canadian infrastructure. With new funding from multiple levels of government, the team has started building what it needs to create human vaccines in-house well into the future.

It's a long-term strategy being pursued from the very top. According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, "When this pandemic began, Canada had no flexible, large-scale biomanufacturing capacity suitable for a COVID-19 vaccine."


Alt OP wrote

Thanks for this. This may be a Canada specific thing, I assume there are many countries, perhaps more industrial ones preyed on by countries like Canada, who might have the capability.

I wonder how long it would take Canada to get the machinery etc. if they had the political will.