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d4rk wrote

Prefiguration was the brand of our collective and I totally agree with the entire argument but there is a nuance left under this idea that we must counter with the main text. Because

Anarchism has no destination except more anarchism. There is no such thing as “after the revolution” for anarchists, except in the vague sense that there might be a time when state-capitalism is fully dissolved from this world. But even then, anarchists would live their lives in opposition to authority and hierarchising tendencies everywhere. Our stagnancy would mean their rebirth, since anarchism is a kind of becoming, it is movement.

...alone is similar to ideas of Zero Acceleration which is not as bad as Neoreaction. However it is honestly quite based in a way when stripped of the inescapability component.

This is where Prefiguration can be used as the wire stripper to expose the copper, expose it to static electric arcs, Deleuzian lines of flight, and accelerates the becoming property something Capitalism can never achieve.