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celebratedrecluse wrote

all organizations, regardless of professed political goals, have an inherent self interest in perpetuating the context in which that organization can survive.

authoritarian communist orgs, and even anarchist orgs, are liable to slip into bourgeois sentimentality and cognition because of the material condition of their own futurity. If there is not a context in which a relationship can survive into the future, the relationship will incentivize participants to delay that future by reifying the present relationships of power, regardless of their symbolic politics.

this is the strongest argument that I can articulate for the importance of individualist and illegalist praxis and positionality, however don't think that's a silver bullet either.

The challenge for anarchists moving forward into the new decade will be how to instantiate rhizomatic conceptions of futurity that do not rely on the reification of 20th century modernism, and all the toxic elements of ourselves which are bound up with it.


celebratedrecluse wrote

Well, this aged like wine I think.

The lack of a distinct and coherent anarchist reply to the logic of lockdown and quarantine, and the attempts at resurgence of neoliberalism and assertion of the political center, are warning signs for our travelers

The uprisings in many parts of the world, and looming debt crises adding fuel to a tinderbox of economic resenttiment, simultaneously present a welcoming party heralding in a new era of heightened conflict and shifting possibilities.