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ziq wrote (edited )

The people making this propaganda prob don't believe it; they'll say anything to achieve their goal of murdering anyone that isn't white.

But the privileged white people they're targeting with this propaganda believe it because they like the idea of themselves as this special group with a special historically 'great' culture that is being threatened. Then eventually they become full fash and start disseminating their own propaganda.

It starts with them wanting to be special and feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. Then they go further and further down the rabbit hole until they've been conditioned into thinking the only way to safeguard their 'way of life' is to exterminate everyone that has a different way of life. And because they're a collectivist cult, they'll parrot anything their fellow fash say and take it as gospel whether it makes sense or not.


Freux wrote

They do enjoy playing on fear on things that aren't happening, it's sad that many are so easily fooled but at the same time if it's all it takes for one to become a nazi/nazi-sympathizer they are probably assholes to start with.