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Pronatal rebuttal to an anti-natalist (was boring, did not include) vegan post. Imo reddit is where people go to endlessly talk themselves out of understanding anything at all. Watch out for self appointed beacons of light y'all.



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OdiousOutlaw wrote

"Passing on my IQ" is some goofy, dork-ass shit that only something as vile and ignorant as pronatalist could spew.

Probably doesn't even know what a recessive gene is, the fucking IQ-believer.

"I'm having kids to indoctrinate them to my way of thinking" head-ass; I sincerely hope your kids overcome their shit parents and disown you.


existential1 wrote

I have no problems with having kids but I have major problems with proselytizing.


roanoke9 OP wrote

Same here- well, i had one and will not have more by choice- but either side wanting to decide for other people is the problem


monday wrote

Internet and social media is the root for many Ills today, for me this is this widespread dissociation

How disconnected you need to be to articulate this kind of thought.. that's why I delved into anticiv nihilism and all.. fuck sometimes I feel that we all are numb by anesthesia while the horror of dystopia is constricting us with their arms